But First...

I am not sure if I am supposed to welcome you to Captured from Scratch or if there is an official "Welcome to the World of Blogging" committee that I need to check in with first.  But either way, WELCOME! and I am absolutely ecstatic to FINALLY be here! This idea or plan, if you want to call it, to launch my very own blog has been brewing for the last 6 months and now it's happened.

My name is Lana.

This space has endless possibilities and I wouldn't know where to start if someone asked me what the plan was. The best form of a "plan" that I can tell you is everything here has been happening as time allows and as creativity flows. I will continue to put out what feels right and what expresses me in the best way possible. 

Captured from Scratch is a space I want to use in order to express and display my passion for the things I do, in this case, cooking and photography.  

Growing up, everything important involved food and lots of it, all of it made from scratch. It was not something I paid much attention to at the time, it was just our way of life. Today I thrive on challenges of making things from scratch, there is something about knowing the what, where, when, why and how in cooking that motivates me to continue on. I love to make food and especially love to share it (literally, just try it!).

In regards to the photography, I picked up a DSLR about 6 months ago and decided, why not try it?? I have loved pictures for what seems forever and fell in love with food photography when I discovered the world of food blogging less then year ago. Since all of this, I have fallen more in love with my camera with every picture taken.

I love every aspect of this project and look forward to seeing what direction it will take me. Food and cooking are the root of it all but photography has me excited like nothing else. I have never liked writing, at least not when I was in school and seemed to get a writer's block every time a paper was due. This space is different and I find that I can't seem to stop once the typing gets started, but before I get carried away, let me stop and I will continue another day.