My name is Lana. 

I am the creator, writer, cook and photographer behind this corner of the internet. I started this blog as a place I could share my dabbling in cooking and photography figuring this might be the best way to motivate my work and provide a place to display what I have done.

Here you will finds musings about happenings in my life and recipes I enjoy making (and absolutely love eating!). I tend to work on my projects as creativity inspires and the heart leads so everything here is an expression of me and my passions in life. A perfectionist by nature (though very far from perfect), details matter, so I like my cooking to start from the very beginning, from scratch.

I am a self-taught photographer and truly enjoy being behind the camera lens. Starting this blog revealed to me that cooking was not the only aspect of this project that I enjoy. The possibilities to pursue other avenues within blogging are endless and I want to do just that. I hope you follow along!

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